Cut to B-Roll

B-roll (B roll, or Broll) supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot

Filmed in B-Roll

Camera you ready? Sound you good? Lets get it then......

Bryan McKay

Web designer, Writer, Explorer, Film enthusiast
I was living in Atlanta the economy had just tanked and real estate values were dropping faster than babies at the Cincinnati Zoo (R.I.P. Harambe). This was the first time I seriously considered traveling the world and living in another country. I was a real estate investor, a house flipper, that when real estate became a bad bet shifted into the restaurant business. After a year of stress, no sleep, and dumping money into a dysfunctional restaurant partnership, I was done. Burnt out. Ready for a change. I have always wanted to travel the world; more specifically live in another country, and this was the first time I had given it serious thought. I was hesitant to live in an unfamiliar place not knowing anyone, and I had just met a girl who I had fallen for. So I choose door number two, giving into my fear of the unknown and opting to give this love thing a try. I left Atlanta, moved to Miami, went to grad school, and got engaged. If there was a way to do the exact opposite of traveling the world, I had found it. Fast-forward seven years, and here I am. Grad school has been over for sometime, I am no longer engaged, and I am still in Miami. The feeling of needing a change has resurfaced, however this time is going to be different. I am leaving America, headed to SE Asia and I have no plan. I want to volunteer, learn native fighting techniques, experience extraordinary moments, and taste exotic cuisine. I have no established time-frame for the length of the trip, and no exact course of action. I a black magic pocket cinema camera and a Cannon DSLR, and will film as much as I can when I can. Follow me as I record my B-Roll.


My thoughts.

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